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Glendale Homes has a proudly reliable reputation in the commercial market so please consider us for your commercial needs. As with our residential buildings, high quality materials and stylish, functional designs manufactured under strictly controlled conditions are our guarantee.


Some examples of the commercial buildings that we’ve provided are:


•   Houses for nurses in remote areas

•   School buildings

•   Hall for a retirement village

•   Display offices

•   Regional offices for large companies.


Our customers have chosen Glendale Homes for many reasons, but above all they know they can trust us for great value, quality and consistency. They see the product, order it and know what they’re getting. No nasty surprises!


With buildings required in rural and remote areas, customers also know that we can provide them with what they need when it’s often too difficult and expensive for traditional builders to travel there and do the work. The person arranging the construction usually works from a central location without visiting the proposed site, so it’s peace of mind for them to have Glendale Homes providing exactly what they say they will.


Finally, if there’s a problem or defect, you can rely on Glendale Homes to fix it. We also have scheduled maintenance team service visits. You don’t get that with a traditional builder.


Please contact us to discuss your needs and ideas with our professional and friendly team.