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Please check out Our Range below. Remember that all options can be custom designed using the basic plans as the starting point. At Glendale Homes, we are happy to work with you and adapt our designs to suit your needs. This includes making changes that allow our homes to be accessible for people with disability. Click on headings below to view range options.



Country comfort and structural strength are what Glendale’s Rural Housing Range is all about. There are also significant savings for rural purchasers compared with traditional building methods, as manufacturing is completed in the Glendale factory and your building is ready in about six weeks. Our buildings withstand Australia’s weather extremes, and are functional and attractive.



If you’ve never thought of factory built homes as the ideal housing in urban or suburban environments, think again. Glendale’s Residential Housing Range combines modern urban style with good old-fashioned comfort and functionality. And because we’re only on site for about two weeks, it’s much less hassle than a traditional build for both you and your neighbours!



If you’re looking to add a second dwelling to your property, Glendale’s Second Dwelling options offer you everything you


desire. For instance, if you need to accommodate an elderly or ailing relative so they can live close by and maintain some independence, our Council-approved manufactured homes are a unique and popular alternative.



Are you retiring soon? Or perhaps you need a small home to fit on a small block of land? Glendale’s Park Housing Range is perfect for retirement park village living, granny cabins, island living, or even just for smaller homes in rural or residential areas. They have all the comfort you need with a sensible use of space and low maintenance requirements.



Glendale Homes has been providing Tourist Cabins to satisfied business owners for decades. Whatever your requirements and wherever your tourist destination, we manufacture Tourist Cabins to your individual specifications and guarantee high quality materials, low maintenance, ease of cleaning and long-term durability.



Glendale Homes excel at providing Multi-Unit Accommodation – we can manufacture up to six separate units to be built as one building and transported to your site. Whether it’s for motel or hotel additions, workers’ accommodation or even a complete rural motel unit, our Multi-Unit Accommodation means great savings and minimal hassle.


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